2103 Zeandale Road  |  Manhattan, Kansas

Lazy T Corn Maze 2020 - God Bless the USA

This cornfield is more than 5 acres. The maze includes 2.5 miles of trails. The design says “God Bless the USA” and includes an image of an Army tank and stars and the words Lazy T.  It is a patriotic salute to our soldiers and our country. There is a .4 mile mini-maze for kids or for people with limited time.  The mini-maze connects to the main maze which has another 2.1 miles of trails.

Weather and COVID-19 situation permitting, we will be open Saturday, September 12 through Sunday, November 1 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Wednesday through Sunday each week.  Price is $9 which includes access to both corn mazes and the big round bale maze.  Military and group discounts are available.  Customers should book online at www.lazytcornmaze.com.  This online booking site will go live after Labor Day. Guests will be able to socially distance in the maze, and time windows will be available when booking online to insure this ability. Parking is free. 

Each family or guest will receive a card including a map and the logos of the sponsors, shown above, with a trail map showing checkpoints on the back.

The corn is a special variety of field corn which grows extra tall.  To help participants, there are checkpoint signs located in the corn maze. 

For an additional dollar (It’s worth it!), we offer the Farm Scene Investigation game.  Farmer Joe is missing and a person must follow the clues to see which farm animal did it.  Clues and a punch card leading to the villain are found throughout the corn maze.  Those who identify the suspect correctly get a Farm Police Detective sticker badge.                                                                                                                          

Guests will also have access to a bale maze, rope maze, hiking, geocaching scavenger hunt and more. The big round bale maze incorporates the Lazy T Ranch brand and includes 172 big round bales which is approximately 206,400 pounds or 103.2 tons of hay. 

This is intended to be a Covid-proof activity.  Customers will book online through our contactless pay system and can socially distance in the outdoors.  Concessions will be available. Mining for gemstones, arrowheads or fossils and a stuffable animal workshop are available for an additional charge.

Call 785-844-0274 with questions or for more information.

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